Moving Your IT Equipment Professionally

Office Relocation

Whether it is a move, merger or simply company growth – there will come a time where your business will have to move offices, which in turn will result in substantial and complex changes to your ICT infrastructure

How we can help


Relocating is not as simple as picking up some computers and transporting them across the street or the other side of town. No, it is way more difficult than that. Typically the average office relocation takes several steps to make the transition and post transition hassle free for the client.

Our Office Relocation Process

This is typically what the process looks like from start to finish. We try to make these moves as painless as possible by minimising disruption to your business. We do this by having a clear set linear process and have a rigorous planning phase, but we also use other techniques. For example, we prefer carrying out the move on the weekends or outside of normal working hours, so you can keep business operations as usual.

  • Analysis and Audit

    First we do an indepth analysis and audit of the ICT infrastructure your business uses

  • Project Planning

    Next we plan begin to assign who will do what, how long it should take, what happens if this doesn't work, and so on.

  • Stakeholders

    There will be a notice to third parties

  • Backup

    Before making a move we make sure to backup all the data stored on your servers

  • Decommission

    During the move, we also look to decommission, providing you want this, equipment that is outdated or faulty and needs to be replaced

  • Patching and Cable Management

    Depending on the condition of the new office, we may have to do some patching and cable management

  • Physical Movement of IT Equipment

    Finally we get around to the main part of the move and that is moving everything to the new desired location

  • Setup and Testing

    All the equipment will need setting up and testing to make sure everything is working as it should be

  • Support

    Now that the move is complete, we are here to provide post move support