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A2ZTECH provides flexible, scaleable and efficient hybrid solutions built to make your business more effective and efficient, while saving you money


You might be thinking – what is a hybrid solution? In short a hybrid solution is a variety of apps and data that use different delivery models. Our hybrid solutions combine a range of infrastructure models by combining traditional, private, managed and public clouds. A tailored combination can enable the right mix to power 100% workloads that drive your company.

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Hybrid Solution Benefits

Our hybrid solutions are based on careful examination of tackling operational ‘sticking points’ to make your business more flexible


If done correctly, hybrid infrastructures give a lot more control than other infrastructures


Hybrid environments can take advantage of computing architectures to further increase speed and locate crucial services closer to end users


With more control comes more security. Valuable data can be leveraged in private clouds, while more public data can be stored in public clouds.


Implementing hybrid infrastructures can be more costly. However the scalability and sustainability of hybrid infrastructures will save you money in the long run.

Need more control? Go Hybrid!

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