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Cyber Security

Our cyber security service will help prevent your IT systems from being compromised by minimising the opportunity of exploitation.

Such a service is critical to your business, despite it often being overlooked by other companies, until something terrible happens, like losing all your data or confidential information is leaked to your competitors. If you run a business and do not have any security measures in place, you should definitely consider how a company like a2ztech can change this.

A2ZTECH Policies


It can be difficult handling security and threat management yourself. It’s hard to keep track of all the inlets and outlets and whether your systems are up-to-date to cope with the latest threat on the block, especially considering new viruses, malware, scams and other forms of infiltration are constantly being developed, i.e. ransomware. Likewise, after implementing security measures, it can be difficult ensuring they are configured correctly and that the right people have access to the information they should be seeing.

43% of all!

Cyber attacks target small businesses

30% of all emails!

Around 30% phishing emails get opened

£17,115 pounds

The average daily cost of a company breach

Only 14% of companies

Believe they are prepared for a security breach

When it comes to security we constantly analyse and refine security measures, highlighting the weaknesses in your current system(s). Our knowledge helps us excel in this, whether it is covering up loopholes, installing the correct anti-virus, enabling spam filters or educating end users about what they should be doing when surfing the internet and what they should look out for when opening email attachments.

Extra Cyber Security Measures we offer

The amount of security that can be implemented really helps when avoiding cyber threats. Additionally though, we suggest that for extra measures, even if you have everything listed above, you invest in a managed backup plan with us, so if anything did happen, your data could be restored without too much, if any damage to your business.

  • Regular reviews and analysis of the systems in place
  • Hiring ethical hackers to try and break our systems
  • User management and policy implementation
  • Permission configuration
  • Monitoring security on a 24/7 basis
  • Regular scanning of hardware
  • The latest malware and virus prevention methods enabled
  • Regularly updating any defence systems that we implement
  • Protecting your email from attacks
  • Providing advice when needed regarding security