Secure and Reliable Data Backup Services

Managed Backup Services

The consequences of data loss can be beyond repair for certain businesses – if there is not a recent backup.


Data loss can happen so easily if you are not prepared, whether it is human error, corrupt files, hardware failure or malicious data. The importance of having a data backup for any sized business is non-debateable – moreover your backup should be secure, scaleable, reliable and simple to use.

A backup that ticks all of these qualities will help minimise risk to your operations, contribute towards sustainable development for your business and give you peace of mind as your data will be easily recoverable if anything was to ever happen.

How we can help

Managed Backups

We offer to deliver real-time backups and restoration of data across your systems, including all servers whether they are physical or virtual. We also go the extra step and manage various aspects of your backups:



Cloud Backups


On top of our comprehensive backup services, you will find we offer a very affordable and competitive price for your company. You only pay for what you use, in other words our backup service is done on a per GB (gigabyte) per month basis.

Who should consider backup services?

So who would this service be for? Well, in our professional opinion – pretty much everyone, as long as you have data that you need, it should be backed up. We have solutions for all sizes of organisations, from small to large.