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IT Procurement

What is IT Procurement?


IT Procurement relates to the procedures and actions of acquiring IT associated products and services. Procurement is a crucial background job essential for any business. It involves both strategic and administrative responsibilities. Typically IT procurement involves the following: Market research, Price negotiation, Establishing terms & conditions, Resolves discrepancies, Acting on behalf of clients, Purchasing and supplying equipment

Yes - you should.

Should my company worry about IT Procurement?

It’s highly recommended that each company has some sort of procurement model. The importance of processing and exchanging procurement procedures and tasks can result in various benefits. Afterall, employee use certain equipment and software on a day to day basis. If they are using ineffective equipment or software, it could be harming both productivity and quality levels.

It’s important that your company is using the most effective equipment and software to help your business grow. This can be done by implementing an IT procurement framework.

How we deal with IT Procurement

We ensure that our clients never need to worry about procurement. We act as the single point of contact with vendors, handling everything from research, negotiation and purchase. At A2Z we see procurement strategy as being unique to each company – therefore we would carry out consultation before implementing a procurement framework.

A2ZTECH IT Procurement