Monitoring aspect of IT Support

Monitoring Plus

IT support is essential for almost every company. However when it comes to technology, prevention is always better than reaction.

What is Monitoring Plus?

Our remote monitoring package allows our software to scan everything in your IT infrastructure to provide us with vital data that we can analyse to determine future threat or problems.

What does remote monitoring cover?

  • Any hardware on your network is scanned – servers, switches, firewalls, laptops, workstations, printers and so on
  • Backup and data storage is monitored for irregularities
  • Network infrastructure is monitored
  • Faults and outages are identified straight away
  • Software is frequently checked to see if the latest updates are installed

Benefits of this package

Monitoring & Problem Prevention

The data and findings of this 24/7 monitoring operation has the ability to trigger warnings stating when action should be taken to prevent an issue from occurring. Operating like this means our IT technicians are always a step ahead of potential IT issues, which of course brings various benefits to you.

For example, you will experience little to no downtime, everything will run more smoothly, day to day operations are less likely to be disrupted, security measures are improved, staff will be using the latest software available and hardware will be replaced / maintained before it ever becomes a problem. These benefits will significantly make IT support cheaper for you – as less IT problems means less labour will be required.

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