IT Support for the Education Sector


We offer a range of IT Support packages for education that have been tailored to suit the needs of early years through to higher education.

IT Support in Schools

The importance of education cannot be undermined and therefore the services we offer have incredible value to improve the learning environment. Alongside the sheer value we offer, our understanding of the education system, the shrinking school budgets, security concerns and typical school IT infrastructures makes us the perfect partner in handling your schools IT systems.


It is important that schools have a system that allows the setup and usage of unique users for staff and pupils, who can do their work and then save it with complete data security with backups in place if anything goes wrong. Along with that the infrastructure should be connected allowing for network print queues, shared areas for user groups and ability to control PC’s remotely.

Depending on your requirements and the type of school – we can highly customize the network infrastructure to make it the perfect fit – providing all the tools required to successfully deliver IT based learning. Likewise, a2ztech can purchase, setup and maintain the hardware depending on the school budget.

Internet, SSL, VPN and Remote Access


The internet can be a great resource for schools but it can also be used inappropriately. The tools and knowledge a2ztech has means we can monitor exactly what is going on. For example, we can identify the applications that are utilizing your bandwidth and then take the appropriate action i.e. we can implement web filtering by setting up policies against groups or specific user profiles.

Threats of students going on inappropriate websites is obviously an issue that can be addressed with filtering however external sources trying to infiltrate our network can also be apprehended. At a2ztech we have a lot of expertise when it comes internet security by implementing firewalls and authentication systems.

Security can always be improved and by implementing a two-stage authentication method, it makes your network very secure. This provides a secure portal for remote access where teaches and lecturers can safely and easily access work on the school network from home, likewise parents can view reports remotely and students can access their work on their school profiles.

Further Information

Open discussion is the best way forward

Along with these specialized niche services we can potentially offer everything else that is normally included in our IT packages. It is most definitely something that should be discussed and from discussions we can determine the best and most affordable solution for you and your school.

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