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IT Support for Charities

We love working with charities – giving back to people via what we enjoy doing as a career and on a voluntary basis is a great blessing.


We are also very good at providing IT support for not-for-profit and charitable organizations, completely understanding the typical requirements and also specific requirements to certain charities.

Common Charity Requirements

The number one requirement is to keep costs down and therefore we aim to provide an efficient and cost effective solution that can be relied on. The other requirements tend to be challenging when working with a tight budget i.e. handling a lot of people / information, day to day support, providing network administration, monitoring and security, handling hardware – however we are more than up for the challenge.

Being sustainable and clear

We do charity work not for profit but to merely help out where we can by doing what we do best. Our support packages and managed services will always be offered to charities at pro-rata due to our ethics and morals as a company. Therefore when embarking upon work with a charity we aim to be sustainable, reducing costs wherever possible and reducing the chance of costs rising in the future or having a plan to deal with expansion. But more importantly we aim to be completely upfront and clear regarding costs – as this is so important.

Implementing a CRM (customer relationship management)

A customer relationship management system can really help the organisation of charities. It is used to manage all the contacts involved in supporting your charity and interacting with you – we can either develop a custom CRM or utilize a pre-existing one depending on the requirements of your charity.

Further Information

Open discussion is the best way forward

Along with these specialized niche services we can potentially offer everything else that is normally included in our IT packages. It is most definitely something that should be discussed and from discussions we can determine the best and most affordable solution for you and your charitable non-profit organisation.

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